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With the help of his brother-in-law, Stoltzfus created the first Rosetta Stone CD-ROM in 1992. The four essential skills of language learning are reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Any serious full-course software needs to incorporate all four of these skills in their educational method. When you’re learning a new language, you will often be forced to pay attention to the order of the words, verb tenses, and speech parts. This conscious approach towards language may help you become more aware of your native language and how all languages come together. Not only that but studying a language may also enrich your own philosophies in life.

This doesn’t mean that classroom settings don’t have their benefits. In fact, there are many caveats to only using software to learn a foreign language—a lack of proper guidance being the big one. It’s why many of these programs are used by people already learning a language and by teachers hoping to reinforce what their students learn in class. Language acquisition and language learning are sometimes used interchangeably in casual conversation. When speaking of acquisition, one is specifically referring to the subconscious process that every human being naturally experiences during childhood. Language learning, on the other hand, is done so with intent. Adults learn new languages through practice and the instruction of language structure.

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Nathaly Batista Morales, a Ph.D. student of bilingual education at Texas State University , was one of the people we contacted to find out more about this. She added that current theories support a sociocultural approach to language, favoring cultural immersion, conversation with locals from the onset, and content that relates to everyday situations. At the end of the testing process, we’ll send out a comprehensive questionnaire to obtain more detailed information about each participant’s experience with their given software. As a final test, we will be arranging for each pair of participants to talk with a native speaker. The speaker will then tell us which participant performed better in casual conversation and what he or she thought each one did well in and what they could improve. The ultimate goal of this test was not to see how fast each participant learned their language of choice.

Language Software review

After all, the speed of learning is dependent on a wide variety of factors. For a free software platform, Duolingo sure looks like a paid program in terms of language options. There are even courses for constructed languages, namely Esperanto and fictional languages, like High Valyrian and Klingon. Duolingo focuses on teaching users the groundwork of each language first. This might not make it the best option for users who want to be conversational fast.

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Other types of software offer downloadable audio lessons that you can keep for life after purchase. But the cream of the crop is the live consultations with language teachers who speak the language you are learning. Because as language experts have pointed out, practice in conversation with a native speaker is key to learning any language. The Memrise software features its own goal-setting tools in the form of a calendar and timer. You can use these to set how many minutes per day you want to study.

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It does, however, make it an excellent tool for learners who are in it for the long haul but would rather start with software rather than go straight to in-person lessons. Although true immersion is impossible to create through the use of software, Rosetta Stone comes awfully close thanks to its teaching methodology. The program teaches users one of its 23 languages—25 if counting both British and American English and Latin American Spanish and Castilian Spanish—in a way that mimics immersion techniques.

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This is because language immerses you into a completely different culture, and that culture becomes a part of you when you speak their language. There is also the practical consideration of speaking with locals if you’re traveling abroad.